Mom's Essential

Mom's Essential

От Sergey Shengeliya

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  • Дата релиза: 2019-09-22
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  • Разработчик: Sergey Shengeliya
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“Mom’s Essential” is a handy and informative guide to all issues related to a newborn and small child. It comprises lots of information on baby care, feeding, health, safety, must-haves, baby products, clothes, toys, and child development. What do I need to buy and have at hand for my newborn? How to change a diaper? How to properly breastfeed my baby? How to cope with colic, to soothe a crying baby, to recognize that my baby is ill, and to package a first aid kit? What to do if my child got a burn or injury? When is it safe to start air flights with my baby? How to choose the right car seat and stroller? What baby clothes do I need and how many? What are the right methods to promote my child’s speech and fine motor skills development? These are just some of the many questions that you will find answers in this app. “Mom’s Essential” is a practical and concise handbook in your smartphone. There’s a lot of baby and child care information on the Internet. But it usually takes your time and effort to seek out the needed info and to read voluminous articles fishing out what you really need at the moment. Surely, it’s especially uneasy for a new mom with a baby in her hands. “Mom’s Essential” solves this problem for you. Authors of the app have sifted through tons of information to make a concise and understandable handbook. Using “Mom’s Essential”, you can immediately see the needed info that is presented in a laconic and handy way. This app is really helpful and time-saving in many situations. All the app content is based on reliable and competent sources. No doubt, every child is unique and there cannot be a uniform guide for all cases. The approach to baby care and many related issues may vary in different countries, cultures, and traditions. There are many issues on which the opinions of baby care experts and pediatricians are divided. The content of “Mom’s Essential” is based on generally accepted modern approaches and expert recommendations. This app can be a waymark for you. For some issues, it gives you clear guides on what is right to do for any baby. For other issues, it presents recommendations that help you make your own decision. And for some cases, it points when you should ask a doctor. “Mom’s Essential” is helpful for moms and dads of a child from birth to about 3 years of age. For some issues, it has useful content for older children’s parents. The app is especially helpful for those who have their first child. The app content is regularly updated with a variety of practical information and guides on baby care and parenting.