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#---------------------------- KONE International ------------------ --------# Simpler design, more user-friendly interface, providing you with the most direct on-demand method in KTV, bringing you an unprecedented K-song experience #----------- I AM LINE ---------# Why use KONE International ? *** [convenient, fast and Great Song Dedicated tools] When you sing at KTV,Have you ever experienced that All songs is only sing by one person, and you unable to sing songs this kind of embarrasing situation?With KONE International this will no longer exist, you just need to tap a little on your phone,KTV will be your home. *** [sharing and entertain] A perfect singing song you want to save but no way?A beautiful song you want to share with your friends but you don`t know how? Don't worry, with KONE International you can share your songs on KTV to your WeChat,and other social media platforms, so that you can sing, comment,like, share with your friends at KTV. You may be the next SuperStar *** [Push custom MV] Boring for the Original Song MTV? Interesting video, music can not be shared, can only rely on a mobile phone? NO, NO, No, with KONE International , you can push the music, video, and pictures of your mobile phone to the terminal set-top box.Good things to share with everyone! *** [Sent Text and magic expression] Singing well, can't you like it? Friends can not Dislike? KONE International built-in text Sent to TV and magical expressions, all kinds of likes, dislike for you, to get great ambience [Multi-language & multiple support] We support languages in 7 countries, an APP multi-language environment. Easily break through language barriers and play with all the features