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  • Дата релиза: 2019-06-13
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Cloud Union New Zealand (CUNZ) is committed to creating an online and offline Consumer Members' Shopping Platform across all industries, a brand new Consumer Loyalty Program will be implemented on the CUNZ platform through a smart system with redeemable gift points. Free registration is available for all consumer members; with each purchase, registered members and merchants alike will receive the points given by the CUNZ platform (Gift Points - GP). The GP will be automatically converted to Kiwi Points (KP) by a certain conversion rate every day (Converting Rate). These KP can be then converted into Kiwi Point Dollars (KPD), which can be spent on the CUNZ platform or even apply for the balance to be transferred into the member's bank account. Thus creating a sustainable business ecosystem between the registered members, merchants and the CUNZ platform, to achieve a win-win situation across multiple sectors. CUNZ allow consumers to spend freely, and creates an open, co-ordinated, harmonious, shared and mutually beneficial economic model; promoting socio-economic development and making consumption the core driving force for a virtuous circle of wealth in the future. Spend and earn rewards! Cloud Union 新西兰公司(CUNZ)致力打造一个全方位360行线上线下的会员消费购物平台(CUNZ平台),推行全新的消费获赠积分的忠诚计划智能系统。 消费会员免费注册,每一次的消费购物,注册会员及加盟商家均获得CUNZ平台赠送的积分(Gift Points - GP),而赠送的积分GP又每天按一定的转换率(Converting Rate)自动转换为消费积分(Kiwi Points - KP),这些消费积分KP可以申请兑换成可再消费的Kiwi Point Dollars (KPD), 更可以申请将结余的KPD结算至会员的银行帐户上。 从而将注册会员、加盟商家与CUNZ平台紧密共创成一个可持续发展的商业生态圈,达到多方跨业界共赢的目标,让更多的会员能快乐消费,打造“开放、协调、和谐、共享、共赢”的经济模式,助力社会经济发展,使消费成为未来财富达致良性循环的核心动力。你消费、我送分,天天Have Fun!